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Vibrate Higher Travel Mug

Hippie Lane


The Hippie Lane Healing Candle range has expanded to include our beautifully adorned high frequency blend, Vibrate Higher.

Set in your very own handmade affirmation mug which comes with a handy lid, perfect for your coffee (or Matcha) on the go.

To assist in elevating your vibrational energy, we formulated a captivating all-natural candle scent, adorned with gold leaf for ultimate healing and wholeness, and a citrine crystal, ideal for a vibrant flow of energy and confidence.

Our latest creation was born of the intention to elevate and rise above. Finding a state of inner lightness, ease and positivity, Vibrate Higher is a deeply uplifting blend, that combines frankincense, yang ylang and lavender, to bring about a state of divinity within.

Each candle contains the following oils, leaf and crystal to provide the ideal atmosphere to lift mood and spirit and harmonise balance within :

Pure Essential Oils

Frankincense Seratta (Healing, Upliftment, Purifying)

Cedarwood (Awakening, Inspiration, Upliftment)

Lavender (Protection, Purification, Spiritual Healing)

Ylang Ylang (Balance, Self-Love, Awareness)

Citrine (Expansion, Abundance, Manifestation)

Gold Leaf (Wholeness, Oneness, Healing)


Warm and woody characteristics of Cedarwood, and the earthy, fruity fusion of frankincense Serrata and Ylang Ylang combine to create a powerfully uplifting and delicious aroma.

TIP: Due to the size of crystal, lighting with crystal on the surface of the wax may cause obstruction to the wick. To prevent extinguishing the wick, we suggest that you remove the crystal prior to lighting, or within the first 10 unites of lighting. Once removed, place your crystal beside the vessel as it's burning to evoke manifestation and expansion.


Excludes bulky goods.

Vibrate Higher Travel Mug