Zoom SENSUAL- mist spray

SENSUAL- mist spray

She Is Earth

Her soul is fierce
Her heart is brave
Her mind is strong
Feel a deeper connection with your spiritual self when inhaling this desiring essence of nature. You will feel sensuous, alive and full of love. This spray is all about creativity, passion and joy, it represents the energy of fire as it warms your heart and nourishes you from deep within, creating a strong presence of oneself. Fire brings life-giving energy of the sun, use this sun energy to manifest your own sensual desires whether it be the movement of love within yourself or expanding to another.

To use:

Close your eyes and spray 1-3 times over your face so you can inhale the pure essence of the spray.

Ingredients; ylang ylang, wild orange, sandlewood, black pepper, neroli, patchouli, geranium & filtered water.


Excludes bulky goods.

SENSUAL- mist spray