Zoom Pop Seek Cools - Pineapple, Toucan, Watermelon
Zoom Pop Seek Cools - Pineapple, Toucan, Watermelon
Zoom Pop Seek Cools - Pineapple, Toucan, Watermelon
Zoom Pop Seek Cools - Pineapple, Toucan, Watermelon

Pop Seek Cools - Pineapple, Toucan, Watermelon

Hyde and Seek



100% food grade silicone moulds are here to make summer snacking a truck load of fun for your whole family.

• Our Pop Seek Cools encourage your kids to get involved in the kitchen and explore whilst parents have peace of mind knowing exactly what ingredients your little ones are having at snack times.

• The options are endless with what to make, let your imagination run wild and blend up your favourite fruits, to create a frozen healthy smoothie/yohgurt pops! These are a perfect way to HYDE all the nutritious goodies for a well balanced snack.

• You can even get even more creative and bake up your favourite treats & cake pops for lunchboxes or afternoon play dates. What kids wouldn’t love animated baked treats? 

• Last but not least why not mix up your favourite adult cocktail and freeze for a balmy summer night delight with your friends? ? 

• EACH POP SEEK COOL SET COMES WITH 3 RE-USABLE icy pole sticks and a soft durable silicone lid to pop on to stop any spillage in the freezer.

• Silicone moulds are super flexible and durable which means you’ll have these moulds for years to come. YAY to healthy and affordable treats for the whole family!!

• Make all the mess and let your dishwasher clean it up for you. (DISHWASHER SAFE) 

• Pop Seek Cools can be used in the oven up to 220 degrees Celsius.
(Pop seek cool sticks NOT to be used in the oven)

• Freezer safe

• stackable and great for small freezer spaces.

• Pop seek cool dimensions are approx 19cm x 10cm with each ice cream mould approx 7cm by 5cm, perfect mini snack for your babes

PLEASE CHOOSE CAREFULLY. We don’t offer a refund or exchange on change of mind purchases. 


  • Silicone is durable & unbreakable
  • Gentle on little hands
  • Safe & non toxic
  • Eco friendly
  • Odorless & tasteless
  • Hygienic & Hypoallergenic
  • Resistant to bacteria and mold
  • Extremely easy to clean
  • Extremely practical


Excludes bulky goods.

Pop Seek Cools - Pineapple, Toucan, Watermelon