Zoom NOURISHED - mist spray

NOURISHED - mist spray

She Is Earth

Beautiful girl
you were made
to do hard things so 
believe in yourself

This blend will bring the energy of nourishment, stability, support and patience. The fresh fruity tones will revive joy & happiness by soothing the nervous system, relieving tension & sparking creativity. The Earth element will bring you back to your centre to reassure you while providing stable support for your dreams and goals. Mother Earth herself represents nurture, strength and a protective feminine energy. She gives and sustains life, she protects, cherished and heals. When feeling scattered, lacking strength or inner power use this spray to find stability and a motherly element in your being.

To use:

Close your eyes and spray 1-3 times over your face so you can inhale the pure essence of the spray.

Ingredients; geranium, grapefruit, lemon, ylang ylang, peppermint, wild orange, vetiver, bergamot & filtered water.


Excludes bulky goods.

NOURISHED - mist spray