Zoom Love - Healing Oil Fragrance - 10ml

Love - Healing Oil Fragrance - 10ml

Hippie Lane


 The Hippie Lane Healing Fragrant Oil blends have been lovingly created, with intention, to provide you with the ideal blend and natural scent, conducive to loving connection and positive healing.

Each of their fragrant oils have a divine blend of premium essential oils, with jojoba as the carrier oil, and a small crystal within to further assist in providing the ultimate in natural wellbeing and healing. They are 10ml in size and require a few drops on your wrist or neck or 5-6 drops in your diffuser to get the most out of them.


A special blend of Frankincense & spice, our Love Oil Fragrance is the ideal blend to use on your body and in your diffuser, when in need of warmth and nurturing, deep love and connection. Blended with love-inducing premium essential oils, and included within, a Rhodochrosite crystal, our beautiful Love Oil will bring about a state of inner love, heart healing and a feeling of inner beauty & magic within you.

The Love Oil fragrance is ideal to get you in a loving state. It will open your heart to allow for self-compassion and healing as it works to soothe and nurture our relationship with yourself and our ability to send and receive love to and from others.

Assisting in opening up your heart chakra, Love will help you drop from your head to your heart space, which in turn will help you to stay connected to your feelings and allow for emotional shifts and progress. The scent is so beautifully intoxicating, it will leave you on a high.

Each Love Oil fragrance contains the following oils and crystal to provide the atmosphere conducive to deep love and interpersonal connection.

Pure Essential Oils

Frankincense (Enlightenment, Inspiration, Protection).

Patchouli (Confidence, Protection, Uplifting)

Clary Sage (Calming, Balancing, Soothing)

Jasmine (Magical qualities, Positive Energy, Sensuality)

Thyme (Femininity, Courage, Revitalising). 



Rhodochrosite serves as a gentle reminder that the most important person to love and nurture is yourself. Rhodochrosite opens the heart, lifting mood and encouraging a positive and mindset. It assists to improve feelings of self worth and soothes emotional stress. Allowing feelings of compassion, deeper emotional connections, and openness to love without judgment or expectations, Rhodochrosite brings the most healing medicine of all – unconditional love. 

Exotic, spicy, earthy notes of Frankincense, Orange and Clary Sage.

Dimensions: 10ml

*crystals not included- oil is packaged in little velvet hippie lane bag*


DISCLAIMER: The use of essential oils is for general wellness purposes and is not meant to diagnose, replace prescribed medication or substitute professional medical advice.
General Precautions:

  • If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or suffering from a health disorder, please consult your healthcare professional before using essential oils topically.
  • Never ingest or use essential oils internally.
  • Pure and organic essential oils are highly concentrated extracts and some may cause harm if used directly on the skin. It is advisable to consult your health care practitioner before making the right choice of essential oils for your unique health condition and individual constitution.
  • Topical use should always be tested on your inner arm or back of knee prior to using on wrist or neck.
  • Do not use if redness or irritation occurs - If redness, burning, itching or irritation occurs, stop using oil immediately.
  • As the ordinary or otherwise use (s) of products is outside the control of Hippie Lane, no representation or warranty expressed or implied, is made as to the effect (s) of such use (s) (including damage or injury) or the results obtained.


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Love - Healing Oil Fragrance - 10ml