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Chakra Balance Travel Mug

Hippie Lane


This is the ultimate Hippie Lane combo, featuring our ever popular affirmation mug AND limited edition CHAKRA BALANCE candle scent, crystals and intentions all rolled into one beautiful package.

Our new 'I'm in Total Alignment' Affirmation Mug was created with the intention to bring flow and balance to the chakras. Finding balance between our (seven) energy centres is to find peace and stability in mind, body, spirit. Our centred, restored, balanced state.

To assist in bringing stability and balance, we formulated a delicious and delicate all-natural candle scent, adorned with our 7 chakra-balance inspired crystals, herbs and botanicals.

The ideal gift that keeps giving, enjoy your healing candle, and when it reaches it's conclusion, extract your crystals, wash out your mug, and use daily, on-the-go, with your matcha, coffee or drink of choice.

I worked with local artist, Latara Ingram of Latara Ceramics, to bring my vision of wellness in a cup to life. And she exceeded my expectations. Each moon-inspired piece is a dream come true!

Each piece is natural in tone and textured, created with a rough stoneware body and a classic white glaze, echoing the uniquely exquisite shaped craters of the moon.

Each mug has a gold 'full moon' individually hand-painted on the reverse side of the mug.

All pieces are made with stoneware for the highest quality functional ware. Mugs are the ideal size for your favourite morning cup of matcha, coffee or drink of choice. They are 10oz in size.

What's included? Here's the lowdown:

Pure Essential Oils

Basil (Worship, Ritual, Cleansing)

Vetiver (Soothing, Calming, Rest)

Mandarin (Awakening, Inspiration, Upliftment)

Lime (Healing, Restoration, Strength)


Red Jasper (Grounding, Strength, Connection)

Carnelian (Guidance, Strength, Courage, Balance)

Citrine (Expansion, Abundance, Manifestation)

Green Adventurine (Self-Love, Confidence, Open-heartedness)

Sodalite (Peace, Harmony, Inspiration)

Amethyst (Transformation, Harmony, Psychic Vision)

Clear Quartz (Healing, Spiritual Evolution, Creativity, Light).


Star Anise(Clairvoyance, Abundance, Good Luck).

Cinnamon (Love, Beauty).

Cardamom Seeds (Genealogy).

Angelica (Inspiration, Magic).

Calendula (Purification/Detoxification). 



Delicious citrus notes of lime, vetiver and sun-ripened mandarin balanced with the herbal aroma of fresh basil.

Each purchase includes affirmation mug with gold full moon on reverse side, travel lid, 10oz chakra balance candle, 7 chakra related crystals, and lots of love x

Care instructions:
Hand-wash only. Dishwashers will cause gold lustre to wear-off over time.


Excludes bulky goods.

Chakra Balance Travel Mug