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2022 Seed Calendar

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“Make 2022 your year to Learn, Grow and be Inspired”

Welcome to your 2022 Seed Calendar, with seeds from our beautiful friends Sow ‘n Sow. Together we have consciously curated an assortment of 12 seeds for you to plant and grow with the seasons. A blend of botanical herbs and enchanting flowers for you to create and enjoy a bountiful garden of whatever size you desire, to feed your eyes, enrich your soul and nurture your body. Enjoy creating a ritual each month of opening and discovering a new seed, loosely packed for you to plant that month in line with the Australian seasons.

As you turn each page you will be greeted by the beautiful artwork of Australian artist Daniella Germain, created specifically for this enchanting calendar. Each illustrating the seed of the month, and the beauty that it beholds.

Come on the journey with us.  Enjoy learning and expanding your knowledge in the garden and how you can use some of these plants around your home or even medicinally. Enjoy consciously making the time to connect with the earth. Slow things down and feel the pride of watching what you have sown, grow and flourish.

A wonderful gift that keeps on giving and a ritual that gets the whole family involved or even just time for yourself to connect.

  • Enclosed are 12 seed varieties, a mix of herbs and flowers
  • Seeds are arranged each month to plant according to the Australian seasons
  • Artwork by regarded Australian artist Daniella Germain
  • New moon and full moon date indicators
  • Luxe Gold Foil print throughout – Wire O binding with hanging hook
  • Calendar for January - December 2022 – Sunday to Saturday
  • Dimensions- H 410mm x W 250mm x D 20mm – Weight- 450g approx.

Seeds included;

Everlasting Daisy
Caraway and 


Excludes bulky goods.

2022 Seed Calendar

$45.00 Regular price $85.00